About Me


I graduated from Cairo higher institute with BA degree in Computer and Electronics Engineer, Started my career with one of biggest computer supplies retail in middle east "Comup-me" as part-time job in Database management for few months after that I received a training in web development and kicked off my career as full-time employee in The Creative Zone as full stack developer for almost 3 years, after gaining enough knowledge I participate in global talent exchange programming to gain more experience by joining European market, after qualification, I got an opportunity being In Netherland specifically DBK as Full Stack Developer, Once again my skills brought me to Hamburg, Germany in Engel & Völkers as Software Engineer

  • Front-end development
  • Wordpress Theme Design
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
  • Back-end development
  • Wordpress Back-end Development
  • DevOps


As Personality, I'm very helpful co-worker, a decision maker with strong proficiency in making high-quality decisions based limited information, focusing on small details with a creative and logical mindset, forgiving, supportive, trusting, emotional, sensitive to others feeling, prefer being organized, always energized to new challenges not afraid of change if it is necessary, and the last thing is appreciating opportunities to collaborate and cooperate with others



  • HTML
  • CSS / SASS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Angular 4
  • React js
  • Node js
  • Express js
  • Wordpress
  • Laravel
  • WooCommerce
  • iOnic 3

My Experiences

Engel & Voelkers

Hamburg, Germany

2018 April - Present

Software Engineer

Working in E&V is like a dream came true, continuing my European journey leads me to the Big beautiful city of Hamburg, Specifically in E&V with unbeatable environment & kind people.

Currently, I'm Filling a Software Engineer Position working on Leading Luxury Real State Platform.

Skills :
Front-end: HTML , SCSS , Javascript , jQuery , React.js
Back-end: Node.js, Express.js, PHP, Laravel, Slim framework
Cloud: Google Cloud Platform
Automation : Jenkins Pipeline

Responsibilities :
- Building & Developing Internal Software that used by our agents
- Using Jenkins Pipeline
- Google Cloud Platform Deployment
- Google G Suit Apps
- Montairing & Maintaining
- Confluence Documentation
- Jira Scrum Agile Workflow

DBK | Masters in Online Business

Groningen, Netherlands

2017 July - 2018 March

Full Stack Web Developer

Moving from Egypt to Netherland was a very good challenge to test my skills, and after a long trip, I finally arrived in Groningen city at the north of Netherlands, I got inner challenge and passion to prove to myself that, I will pass every challenge they give it to me, and.

Yes, I made it, after the 3rd week I've proven to be a hard worker in both front-end and back-end development, almost Mastering Laravel short-time while with take responsibility for remake Karreer mobile in ionic 3 and working as Lead Programmer in Karreer Project.

Skills :
- Front-End Development : HTML 5 , CSS 3, SASS, Javascript, jQuery, Angular 2, ionic 2
- Back-end Development: Laravel, WordPress, REST API

Responsibility :

- Responsible for Karreer Project (Huge Platform)
- Responsible for Sensular VR Company Web Projects
- Developing Project from Scratch Independently/Team
- Developing Mobile Applications in ionic
- Developing REST API

The Creative Zone

Cairo , Egypt

2014 Dec - 2017 June

Full Stack Web Developer

What I can say, The Creative Zone was a very good starting point to Starting off my career, as a Full Stack Developer I learned a lot while working for this amazing company, I can't call it a company, it is a family for me: starting from designing forms in Facebook, at the beginning it took me 1 week just for designing and developing and now it takes almost couple of hours! That was most of the work at the 1st year besides building websites from scratch, the 2nd year started by boosting my skills with WordPress Development, besides some Social Media Marketing and SEO, Some Couple of mobile apps for internal use

Skills :
- Front-End Development : HTML 5 , CSS 3, SASS, Javascript, jQuery, Angular 2, ionic 2
- Back-end Development: Laravel, WordPress, Codeigniter, WooCommerce, REST API
- Extra: SEO, Facebook Apps

Responsibility :

- Taking The Lead in Projects
- Developing Project from Scratch Independently/Team
- Deploy and install servers (DevOps)
- Developing Mobile Applications in ionic
- Developing REST API

Compu me

Cairo, Egypt

2013 Jan - July 2013

Database Management

It was my first professional part-time job, it was all about pushing my limits between part-time job to  the college class, great experience to have to work in best the hardware, computer supplier in Egypt, imagine to work in this large Database for companies like, RadioShack, Compu me, Computer Shop, Mobile Shop, and many many brands Database, learned to be hard worker, patient, agile

Technologies: Oracle Database